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The Orlando Fun Card Fundraiser is the simplest way to make money fast and easy for your organization, team, church or school. 
  • No money up front. Most fundraising card companies require you to purchase the cards up front. We don't, we give you all the cards you will need to get started.
  • Cards can be purchased on line. This makes it easy on Mom and Dad. They can now reach friends, family and co-workers outside their neighborhood. 
  • We work with you. We provide sign up sheets and customized brochures along with the cards to help you sell. We can help you get set up in high traffic areas, like grocery stores.There are many other neat ways to make your fundraiser a success.
  • Social Media works. We enable your group to sell through texting, e-mail campaigns, and sharing on Facebook. 
  • No Inventory Headaches. It's a durable plastic card, exactly like a credit or bank card. A shoe box is all the room you will need to house your inventory. 
  • Product Sells Itself. Discount cards and coupon books sell themselves. Everyone likes to save money and our discount offers trigger sales with an easy sharing platform.
Doug Leighton     (321) 303-4550
Brook Wallace      (941) 725-0798

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